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Today’s “Hotel am Leuchtturm” stands on the foundations from 1850 – at the time when Warnemünde began to develop into a seaside resort. The “1st hotel on the site” was constructed by H. F. Ohlerich with the name “Hotel Pavillon” in a one-storey design. Nearly 30 years later, it was expanded to a three-story structure. The lighthouse – Warnemünde’s landmark – was constructed in front of the hotel in 1897.

Beach life around 1900

During its more than 150-year history, it recorded several changes in ownership and served in wartime as housing for employees of the famous “Heinkel-Flugzeugwerke”. In addition to the hotel business, a bustling restaurant was operated on the ground floor of the hotel. A popular dance club was the former “Stranddiele” on the north side of the hotel. Until the beginning of 1920, the spa garden was located directly in front of the hotel – a popular destination not only for natives of the fishing village at that time.

In 1950, the last owner of the hotel, Elisabeth Colas, was dispossessed by the “Aktion Rose”, and the hotel was taken over by the state. With the takeover by the trade union confederation of the GDR, it was renamed “Meer des Friedens”.

After 1989, the hotel was returned to Ms Cola, who bequeathed it to a church. In 1996, the number of rooms was expanded from 20 to 30, and the first floor received a roof terrace surrounding the building.

The last change in ownership was in 2013, and the name “Hotel am Leuchtturm” has been continued. The entire hotel was renovated in 2017 and received an addition. The new reception area is located here with a cosy lobby and fireplace as well as the breakfast lounge for the hotel guests with a view of the beach promenade.